Here's how the The Couture Group, Inc. recruiting process works: 

Assessment, Planning and Research – First, we take the time to understand you and your company, its organization, its culture, the type of people who fit in with your staff, and learn the unique benefits that will attract quality candidates to your firm.

Defining Your Professional Requirements – We will take the time to understand what is required to do the best job, by discussing--

  • Your organization
  • Its strengths and shortcomings
  • Background, education, skills, and
  • qualifications desired so
  • we might develop a very targeted search
  • for your ideal candidate.
  • Identify your competition.
  • Dissect the competitor’s organization
  • Find candidates that are gainfully employed to present with new opportunities

    Locating and Approaching a Qualified Passive Candidate – To develop a list of qualified candidates, we will do extensive research to identify the universe of companies where your candidates are most likely to be employed. In this stage, we draw upon a variety of sources to ensure accurate coverage, consisting of targeted competitors' names, locations, and phone numbers. Any key information that you request may be added as well. Plus, we receive strong support from our nationwide network of recruiters who work together to achieve for the quickest possible placement of qualified candidates. We may already have someone in our network who is actively searching for your opportunity. If not, we will focus our attention on conducting a targeted, nationwide search to fulfill your specific needs. The result? In most cases, a surer, quicker hiring process, thereby enabling your company to achieve its necessary project and production goals – as well as the ultimate objective of – higher profit! 

    High-tech recruiting sources – We have developed software that simultaneously searches through 1.7 billion Web pages for pertinent information about passive candidates (those not actively looking for a job) and filters through high-level resume banks with a single click. In addition, we are able to simultaneously post openings on job sources on the Internet, including such job boards as and many other niche websites.

    Candidate pre-qualification - In our search, we will speak with a large number of candidates who are qualified for your opportunity- conducting extensive interviews with these candidates, exploring their backgrounds, reasons for possibly leaving, current compensation package, etc. Only those candidates who are ready to move from their current company will be presented to you.

    In-Depth Reference Checks and Degree Verification –  We conduct confidential reference interviews with former employers, supervisors and associates as an included service, and if verify the educational background of the candidate.

    Preparing the Candidate for Presentation – Most experienced and highly qualified employees are great at their jobs – but not good at interviewing. For that reason, we will coordinate the interview schedule, review with the Candidate the reasons why he or she should consider working for your firm rather than your competition, then help them prepare to present themselves in a professional manner. 

    Make Offer and Gain Acceptance – We will help Candidates skillfully handle their resignation from their previous position, then debrief them after the interview to answer any additional questions or concerns he/she might have when making a career change. It is our responsibility to deliver the selected candidate to our client companies! 

    Follow-Up With Candidate and Company - After employment has begun, we speak with candidates and client companies regularly, to help identify potential problems and find solutions.

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