Find the “PERFECT” Engineer, Scientist or Contracts Professional.

"Don't you and your staff have better things to do than weed through hundreds of resumes and e-mails? Wouldn't you prefer to cut to the home stretch and interview a number of extremely qualified job candidates? We can help.”

The Couture Group, Inc. precisely analyzes your needs, preferences, and offerings – first. Then, a detailed work environment analysis and comprehensive job description are “tailored”, created and agreed upon. This includes the experience, track record, personality type, and aptitudes of the ideal candidate. 

We firmly believe that only a high-quality initial analysis can create an information foundation that will assure an excellent match between company and candidate.

We then conduct extensive Internet-based research to identify men and women who meet your established criteria, resulting in a list of passive candidates – qualified professionals who are not actively exploring the job market. (As opposed to unemployed candidates whose resumes are posted on job boards and just about everywhere else.)

Once these high-quality passive candidates are identified, The Couture Group contacts them to review their qualifications for, and determine their interest in your opportunity. We do all the preliminary work so that your staff is never burdened with hundreds (or thousands) of unqualified resumes. Typically, we present the two or three most qualified candidates for your consideration.

Due to the quality and precision of the match of candidate to the position opening, you will find that most hires will be productive contributors far faster than someone who is “off target.”

Why use a Professional Headhunter?

“Out of control” best describes the more than 30,000 employment web sites and 10 million resumes currently posted on line. If you're like most employers, the last time you posted a job on-line you were flooded with e-mails, faxes, and phone calls from unqualified candidates. The main problem with such a resume flood is that a great candidate can so easily get lost in it. Navigating through the pile can devour a lot of your valuable time. 

Forward-thinking companies have been successfully using professional recruiters for more than fifty years. Now, The Couture Group, Inc.’’ is reshaping the recruiting profession by using the Internet – not as a bulletin board or new medium for a glorified want ad, but as the most powerful research tool the world has ever known.

At The Couture Group, we use the telephone as much as we do the computer, and we feel it is important to maintain a close working relationship with our clients so that we thoroughly understand their unique business needs. That way, we are able to promote your firm’s value to top quality candidates, and show them how working for your firm will enhance their careers.

Why Use The Couture Group?

When a position is hard to fill, The Couture Group can find top quality passive Candidates using a wide variety of search resources -- not just a single Internet jobsite or one newspaper to be seen only by the Candidates who are reading the ads on that particular day. 

As a matter of fact, the most highly qualified candidates don’t have time to search through thousands of Internet job posting websites; and they aren’t looking specifically for you … if they were, they’d be calling your office! 

We can step in, get up to speed, and add value, immediately. We will use our many sources to find and deliver qualified candidates to fill your openings, no matter what it takes.

“We already have Recruiters on staff”

That’s ok – many of our other clients do, too. But most of them just can’t afford a full-time, in-house recruiter because many other tasks – such as benefits, employee reviews, and payroll -- demand their attention, too. 

We can help your HR department by focusing our time on full-service recruiting to target searches for the Candidate you need.

Besides, it’s always worthwhile to make comparisons. If you don’t choose to hire our Candidate, you’re not required to pay us anything.

Analysis and Specialization

When accepting your job order assignment, The Couture Group analyzes and evaluates the position to gain a thorough understanding of what you want and need.

We are guided by your job description and credentials required, while also considering such key factors as personality, motivation, and compatibility. Such information helps us discover the qualified individuals who are most likely to "fit" best within your company and its culture.

As you’ve certainly observed, the best and most effective recruiters focus on one or two industries. You’ll be pleased to know that The Couture Group works specifically in Engineering, Science and Contract Management career specialties. However, we are affiliated with a selected network of other professional recruitment offices nationally, many of which specialize in accounting, management, information systems, medical and sales, just to name a few. Since all our associate offices are interconnected via our recruitment management software, we are able to assist you in filling positions throughout your organization, whatever they are, wherever they’re located.

Cutting-Edge Searches

The Couture Group uses the unique “BullsEye Search System” to identify candidates, employing little-known Internet resources, complex search techniques, company databases, e-mail lists, and any other online data clues that might expedite our searches. We then pre-screen and thoroughly qualify our findings to assure that they meet your criteria, separating the best from the rest, for you.

Using our proprietary recruitment management software, all of our  associate offices can communicate in real time with each other. This provides you and your company with comprehensive national coverage when filling your open positions.

You're Always in Charge

Make no mistake about it -- even though The Couture Group personnel are available to you for consultation and advice, you make all the key decisions. We simply identify, screen, and qualify candidates, freeing up your time to interview the high-quality, on-target finalists we present to you.

Save Time & Money

Because we work on a retained  basis, we are highly motivated to help you achieve your staffing goals. Our nationwide team of recruitment counselors will work on your behalf, vastly increasing the probability that your ideal Candidate will be found in the shortest time possible.

By holding us responsible for the search process, you will not have to use job postings on career sites, which always create a flood of unqualified applicants that obscure the handful of top Candidates buried among them.

Let The Couture Group, Inc. guide you straight to excellence.

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